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Frequently Asked Questions

Links that may be useful:

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers:

I'd like to ask Sugar for advice. How do I do that?

I answer letters to Dear Sugar via my subscriber-only newsletter called the Dear Sugar Letters on Substack. You can find the link to subscribe on my Newsletters page. If you'd like to send me a letter to consider for publication in the Dear Sugar Letters, you can email it to deardearsugar@gmail.com. My "Dear Sugar" book, Tiny Beautiful Things is available for purchase anywhere books are sold (and in it I answer a wide range of questions). You can also find the Dear Sugars podcast, which I co-hosted with Steve Almond, anywhere you listen to podcasts. Please note: the podcast is no longer being made, but old episodes are available.

Can I hire you to edit my manuscript or ghost write my book?

I don't do either, but I highly recommend my brilliant friend, Amanda Gersh. You can find her online here: https://amandagersh.com/

Will you blurb my book?

After having blurbed 117 books (really!) in the past decade or so, I've decided to retire from blurbing. I love to champion books and writers I admire and I will continue to do so in a range of ways, but blurbs will no longer be one of them.

Some videos about Wild: