Brave Enough

October 27, 2015

Dear friends,

Every day Iím grateful to you, my readers, for finding your way to my books, and Iím especially touched by those of you whoíve written to me, posted on my social media pages, or attended one of my events. A phrase I hear a lot is ďwe have so much in common.Ē Perhaps the greatest gift of the past few years has been my deepening awareness of how much there is that connects us allóacross age, culture, gender and other categories that tend to separate us. Iím honored by all the stories youíve shared with me about your lives. Many of you tell me my books have made you feel less alone, but your responses to my books make me feel less alone too. Thank you.

Iím writing to you in this first (!) newsletter to tell you that I have a new book out today, called Brave Enough. Itís a collection of quotations from my previous books and also my talks. My publishers in the UK and the US came up with the idea for the book. They noticed there were a great many memes of my quotations, so they asked me to gather a collection of them for a book.

As I created Brave Enough I thought a lot about the importance of quotations in my life. Hardly a day goes by that I donít turn to a phrase, sentence, or paragraph for inspiration, insight, and perspective. Often, wise words from others are just what I need to get me through. They make me laugh, or think, or remember what I already know. They remind me this too shall pass and to keep my chin up and my nose to the grindstone. Quotes have the power to enlarge the moment and they can also shrink our struggles down to a reasonable size. In short, they have countless times saved me, for a minute or a day or a whole long hike.

Iíll be going on a book tour for Brave Enough, doing events in Portland (OR), Seattle, Pasadena, Cambridge/Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Melbourne (Australia), and probably Sydney too (TBA). Details about my events can be found on the ďappearancesĒ page of my web site. Brave Enough can be found any where books are sold. I hope you enjoy it.

In gratitude,

Cheryl Strayed
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